About Ramalynn Academy

Founded in 1985, Ramalynn Academy is an accredited private, non-sectarian school serving children from preschool through eighth grade.

We have campuses in Bloomington and Apple Valley, Minnesota as well as a school farm in Lonsdale, Minnesota.


Our Mission: Respect, Tolerance, and Compassion

When people talk about what makes Ramalynn special, many mention our Montessori approach, our academic results, or our athletic program—but what really sets Ramalynn apart is our mission.

Ramalynn’s mission statement is simply, “To teach young children respect, tolerance, and compassion to all life on Earth.” By demonstrating how everything on Earth—from ant to elephant—is connected, we help students see their place in the ongoing story of our planet. When they recognize they can make a difference in the world, students understand the purpose of their studies, the importance of independent thinking, the value of diversity, and the demands they will face as world citizens.

As a result, our students work with self-discipline, internal motivation, and a joy of learning— that helps them become successful in the classroom and in life.

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