Academics: An Evolved Approach to Education

For more than 30 years, Ramalynn has been helping students extend their intellectual boundaries and push themselves to achieve their personal best. But, it’s not just about getting an “A” on a math test.

Ramalynn uses Montessori methodology that focuses on the student as a whole, motivating them to develop life skills, habits, and interests that will help our students succeed beyond the classroom and well into adulthood.

Take a minute to learn about our:

  • Child-Centered Approach, which uses three core aspects of human nature, curiosity, playfulness, and social-ability, to serve the purpose of education.
  • Integrated, Comprehensive Curriculum, which enables students, from preschool to prep school, to master a wide-range of topics.
  • Academic Results, which showcase the stellar achievements of our students in and outside the classroom




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