Our Approach: Child-Centered Learning

A Montessori education starts with a profound respect for children.

At Ramalynn, we believe that every child is born intelligent. Our objective is to enable children to learn independently, using their innate curiosity, creativity, and intelligence.

Independent, Self-Directed Learning

Our teachers are trained to recognize and address each child’s unique learning style, allowing them to succeed at their own pace. We encourage children to ask questions and to not blindly accept lessons.

When children are in control, their natural drive to learn takes over. They are able to stay focused for longer periods of time, follow paths that interest them, learn from mistakes without shame, and learn concepts more quickly. In addition to academic study, children learn life skills such as self-discipline, independent thinking, research, and self-worth.

Active Classrooms Designed for Young Minds

Children learn by exploring, experimenting, and experiencing their environment. Consequently, our classrooms are designed to foster curiosity, movement, and independence. Students don’t have desks. Instead, they have access to shelves of “manipulative” learning materials to choose from throughout the day. These materials, like blocks, chains, and cards, help students learn concepts by doing. When you visit our classrooms, you’ll likely find some students sitting at a table, some sprawled on the floor, and others building a tower or completing an experiment.

Multi-Age Interactions  

Ramalynn Academy is organized into multi-age classrooms, where three age levels learn together. For example, an elementary classroom consists of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders in the same room. This provides constant opportunity for peer mentoring and child-centered discoveries. Not only do children learn leadership and cooperation skills, when students share knowledge with each other, the excitement of learning spreads like wildfire.



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