Our Curriculum: Comprehensive, Integrated, Inspiring

Our Montessori curriculum is a spiral of interrelated, cross-curriculum study. One lesson leads to many others.

For example, a history lesson may link to concepts about architecture, the arts, sciences, and technology. This learning spiral helps students make meaningful connections between their studies and the world around them.

How It Works

Our teachers begin study with the big picture and move towards increasing detail. Starting in preschool, students are introduced to large concepts such as reading, geography, mathematics, botany, or zoology. As students move on into elementary and middle school, the concepts are revisited, each time with more detail and complexity. Because we have multi-age classrooms, older students are able to mentor younger students, deepening topic understanding for both the mentor and mentee.

What We Study

At the beginning of the school year, children are introduced to Montessori’s Great Lessons. These big-picture themes, such as “The Coming of the Universe and the Earth” and “The Coming of Human Beings”, spark imagination, give students an understanding of their place on Earth, and give context to the topics they’ll study throughout the year.

Ramalynn Academy’s curriculum includes:

  • Science and Environmental Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts and Reading
  • Foreign Languages
  • Social Studies and Ancient History
  • Philosophy, Wisdom Tales, and Meditation
  • Fine Arts
  • Life Skills

 Montessori for Middle School

The Ramalynn Middle School Program has been specifically designed to meet the emotional and educational needs unique to adolescents.  Get more details about our middle school curriculum.


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