Results that Last a Lifetime

Unlike many of today’s conventional schools, Ramalynn Academy does not “teach to the test.” Instead, we focus on helping each student achieve their best, in the classroom and in life.

We believe academic success occurs when students have a healthy self-image, a love of learning, and an interest in the world at large. And, our test scores prove it.

Academic Performance

Ramalynn Academy students out-perform their peers on standardized tests, stand out at academic competitions, and transition easily into secondary schools, including some of the best college preparatory schools in the state.

  • The majority of our students’ SAT results were in the 92nd to 95th percentile—the top 8% in the nation.
  • Our Math Olympiad team finished in the top 2% in the nation.*
  • The majority of our kindergarten students read at a 2nd or 3rd grade level.
  • Our Knowledge Bowl team ranked in the top five for all regular season meets. Knowledge Bowl is a multi-disciplinary competition.*
  • Ramalynn Academy students scored consistently high marks for creativity at the Minnesota Odyssey of the Mind divergent thinking contest.*

*Note that while many schools send only their gifted and talented students to these competitions, Ramalynn Academy sends all students eligible to participate.

In addition, in 2014, AdvancEd, a quality assurance accreditation service that reviews secondary-to-university level schools, gave Ramalynn Academy its highest possible accreditation.

Beyond Academics

Former students report using life skills they’ve learned at Ramalynn Academy well into adulthood. In addition to academic skills, they say they acquired:

  • Critical and Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Collaboration and Communication Skills
  • A Sense of Personal Responsibility and Worth
  • Capacity of Self-Control and Internal Motivation
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time-Management Skills
  • Joy of Learning for Learning’s Sake



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