Extracurricular Activities

Ramalynn offers a variety of extracurricular activities that give students opportunities to expand existing interests and experience new things.

Our activities are specifically chosen to build students’ teamwork skills, leadership abilities, self confidence, and understanding of the world around them. And, as students would tell you, extracurricular activities are fun!

Athletic Program

The Ramalynn Athletic program is a one-of-a-kind program that puts emphasis on team building in addition to individual skills. This co-ed program, offered to students in grades 1 through 8, allows children of all ability levels to experience a wide array of sports. In addition getting students involved in sports at young age, this program prepares students to play sports after they leave Ramalynn. In fact, we’re proud to say that 28 Division I athletes and seven professional athletes began their athletic careers in Ramalynn’s athletic program. Director: Krishna Ramalingam

Athletic program schedule

  • Fall: Flag football
  • Winter: Floor hockey
  • Spring/summer: Baseball, soccer, and golf

Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is an interdisciplinary academic competition that encourages students to develop confidence, speed, and knowledge at metro-wide competitions. Students work together in teams of 5-6 students to complete a round of 45 written questions and three oral rounds of competition. Members of our team attend early morning practices every week year round, studying topics suited to both their strengths and weaknesses.They also work together to organize pancake breakfast fundraisers to pay for transportation to big meets, such as their trip to nationals in 2016. Through the year, they develop mutual respect for each other and knowledge itself.

Our team has consistently placed among the top competitors in our meets by showing a great deal of commitment, poise, and promise. Several coaches from other organizations, including the director of Knowledge Bowl, complimented the gracious, compassionate nature of our students. Coach: Miranda Peterson

Knowledge Bowl 2015-2016 Season Record

  • Kick-off Meet: 1st Place/32 teams overall
  • First Meet: 1 Place/47 teams overall
  • Second Meet: 2nd Place/58 teams overall
  • Grand Finale Meet: 1st Place/45 teams overall
  • Attended National Academic Quiz Bowl Championship

LEGO League

Lego League is a highly competitive STEM robotics program that is offered in 80 countries around the world. Students research and present an innovative solution to a real-world problem (such as food safety or recycling). They also design and program robots to accomplish missions. They are judged on teamwork, creativity, research skills, presentation skills, understanding of technology, and more. Ramalynn’s program is offered before and during school. Coach: Rachel Kinsey and Ramalynn parents

LEGO League 2016 Season Highlights

  • Team Thor: 1st place in Head-to-Head Robot Challenge
  • School Team Spirit Award
  • Team Vulcan: 1st place in Robot Design and advanced to sectionals

Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad is a competition for students in grades 5-8. The math competitions are held once a month from November through March in the form of timed, multi-step story problems. Last year, nearly 170,000 students participated worldwide, including teams from all 50 states. Ramalynn finished with the highest team achievement in Minnesota in both the 5/6th grade and 7/8th grade divisions–ranking Ramalynn’s students in the top 2% of the nation. Director: Krishna Ramalingam

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students in grades 2-8. By challenging teams to solve problems divergently, this program develops children’s ability to think outside the box. Participants learn to work together to come up with as many solutions as they can and decide which solution is best for them. Odyssey of the Mind is hands-on for kids and hands-off for adults. Coaches and mentors are there to provide materials when the children request them and show students how to solve disagreements amicably. The students take pride in their solution because they are truly making each and every decision themselves. This program builds cooperation, leadership, imagination, and creativity. Coach: Miranda Peterson and Ramalynn parent volunteers  

The Stock Market Game

Our newest extracurricular activity, The Stock Market Game, is an online simulation of global capital markets.  Students play the game from September to April in small groups. Teams get lessons on personal finance and investment from lessons. Then, they put their knowledge to invest $100,000 into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in the simulation. This program is an effective way to prepare students for a financially independent future. Coordinators: Miranda Peterson and Ramalynn Parents


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