Fine Arts: Ramalynn Academy’s Creative Side

Fine arts are an integral part of Ramalynn Academy’s curriculum. From visual arts and music to creative writing and theater, arts are consistently incorporated into regular classroom activities.

Not only do students enjoy fine arts, but research shows that involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, verbal skills, motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.

Here are a few of the fine art activities offered to Ramalynn Academy students throughout the year.


All students participate in weekly music classes, starting with introductory music in preschool and kindergarten. Older students take part in the Ramalynn Academy chorus and have the option to participate in band and/or orchestra. Private lessons for many musical instruments are available through the school.


Ramalynn Academy offers students several opportunities for theater involvement each year, from classroom skits to all-school productions. Our largest being the bi-annual, all-school production of “The Nutcracker”, where every student is given a part. In alternating years, interested students perform in a drama such as Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” or “Tales of the Trojan War”.

Summer Camps

During the summer, Ramalynn Academy gives students the opportunity to take a deep dive into a variety of artistic genres. Week long summer camps are offered, that focus on topics such as:

  • Pottery
  • Painting
  • Drawing or Cartooning
  • Dance (ballet, jazz, Bollywood, and hip hop)
  • Silent Movie Making
  • Computer Graphics
  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry



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