Ramalynn Vulcans’ Lego League Debut

knowledge bowl first place 2014 2by Alexis (7th Grade)

Our Ramalynn Vuclans made their debut in the First Lego League robotics competition on December 11th, placing first in the research project area of the competition, beating out the 16 teams in our division. For our project, we researched the massive amount of trash in our oceans and came up with an innovative solution to this increasing problem. Our invention, The Scoopa Troopa, a scooper that uses ocean currents to pick up small pieces of trash and leave fish in the water, can be attached to almost any boat. Although we won the project award, we have still a lot to work on with our robot design and programming. Next year, we hope to score higher in all areas of the FLL competition. Most of all, we had fun!

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