River Rendezvous

by Brendan (4th image(4)Grade)

During the River Rendezvous, we saw what life was like for people living in Minnesota in the 1800s.
We learned how Indians made bows and used tendons from animals to make string. We played lacrosse and learned how Indians played in the 1800s. The lacrosse field was 1 mile long! And the lacrosse stick and ball were very different from what we use now.We learned about how Indians lived in teepees, respected nature, saw a very cool eagle dance, and heard an Indian play his flute.
We also learned how the settlers lived. I got to pretend to be a ranch hand! We learned that cowboys led cows across the lands for three months at a time. We also learned what other people on the crew, like the cook, did during the trip. We also did coopering and made a barrel out of wood and metal rings.
Also, we learned what it was like to be a student during that time. Some of it was like Ramalynn, like learning cursive in first grade and having grades together. But a lot of it was different too, like having to write everything on a chalkboard and having all the students in one room.
I had a lot of fun at the River Rendezvous and hope we get to do it again.

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