Superbowl XXIV

10629391_720647267984769_7616119246443523098_oby Eidan and John (8th Grade)

On October 24, 2014, two teams would go down in history as they clashed for the XXIV Ramalynn Super Bowl. It was a stalemate for most of it; the Packers would score and then the Broncos would equalize. The teams were so evenly matched, it came down to one touchdown. The captains (Eidan of the Broncos, and John of the Packers) played hard. They each made clutch catches to keep their team in it. By the end of the game, Will’s three touchdowns and Collin’s onside kick recovery sealed the Broncos fate. The Packers ended up with the Lombardi trophy and it was a great finale to the season that yielded surprises, competition, and most of all fun.

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