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Ramalynn Alumnus, Morgann Mitchell

Explore the Ramalynn Academy Alumni Files, where former students share their unique experiences and cherished memories. Discover stories of extracurricular activities, student life, and school traditions. Learn how a Ramalynn education prepared alumni for success, fostering exploration and self-discovery. Join our alumni community and celebrate the impact of Ramalynn Academy in shaping lifelong learners. Hear Morgann Mitchell's journey, from her favorite school moments to her impressive career in sports marketing.


Hear Joseph Stanoch's Ramalynn Academy's experience. Discover his stories of extracurricular activities, student life, beloved school traditions, and favorite memories. Hear how a Ramalynn education prepared him for success in high school and college, fostering a sense of exploration and self-discovery. 

Ramalynn Academy Alumni Files- Alexis, Andrew, and Cade Bunnell

"We all think that our education was very well-rounded because Ramalynn gave us many opportunities to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts. We were taught to be kind to all living beings and volunteer to help others. These are all values that we continue to pursue as adults."

Ramalynn Montessori Academy Alumni Files- Eidan Silver

"I was at Ramalynn for 11 years then I went to Minnetonka High School- which was a very big public high school, so I really appreciated the small class sizes and I think maybe because of the small class sizes and the curriculum, but it really did feel like a family. I felt more motivated to learn because of the connections."

Olivia Pierce, Ramalynn Montessori Academy Alumni

Tell us about you! What are you up to these days? 

"I am currently a first-year at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where I plan to major in African-American Studies and minor in Music. In terms of career aspirations I intend to become a pediatric nurse practitioner." 

Jack Hillen, Ramalynn Montessori Academy Alumni

Jack Hillen, a Ramalynn alumnus was on the winning team back in 1995 when Ramalynn held its first ever Mini-State Hockey Tournament. Jack went on to play in the real State Hockey Tournament three times at the Xcel Energy Center with the Academy of Holy Angels, winning one state title.


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