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Our Ramalynn Community

Ramalynn has a vibrant community of current families, alumni and fellow parents.  We share and enjoy social gatherings, formally and informally, to connect, to reminisce and to support Ramalynn. 

Nowhere is our culture more obvious than in all-school assemblies and family events. Each year the Ramalynn community comes together to share events such as:

  • Parents’ Night
  • Spring Silent Auction
  • Suzuki Violin and Music Performances
  • Annual Academic Expo
  • Cultural Holiday Celebrations (including Diwali, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Cinco de Mayo, and more)
  • Sports Recognition Ceremonies
  • Commencement and Academic Recognition
  • Volunteering at VEAP, our local food bank 

There are many times that we gather throughout the school year. With every event, big and small, one value remains at the heart of our community. All are welcomed as family.

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Academic Expo

Join us for our Annual Academic Expo, where our community comes together to celebrate knowledge and innovation. Explore captivating presentations, interactive exhibits, and inspiring discussions. It's a day of scholarly camaraderie and intellectual discovery in the heart of our academic family.

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Each spring, we come together to honor our youngest and oldest students during our Kindergarten and 8th Grade Graduations. It's an ideal moment for our community to gather, reflect, and cherish memories as the school year draws to a close.

Music Performances and Suzuki Violin recitals

Every winter and spring, we come together to celebrate the musical abilities of our students, ranging from emerging talents to seasoned performers. These event holds a special place in our community, fostering unity as we collectively appreciate the showcased artistry and forge new memories

Volunteering at veap

Our 4th to 8th-grade students thoroughly enjoy dedicating their time to VEAP, our community's local food bank. They engage in activities such as organizing groceries, packing fresh produce, and assembling food bags, all with the aim of leaving a lasting positive impact on our community!

school dance 

The school dance is an annual event where students come together to mark the conclusion of SAT testing. It offers a wonderful opportunity for students to socialize beyond academic commitments and create lasting memories.

Ramalynn student holding a trophy

Sports Recognition Ceremonies

Every November and May our community gathers to celebrate the athletic accomplishments of our students.