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Why Choose Ramalynn?

We know choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting and difficult decision. Here are 10 reasons our Montessori school community stands out from the rest.

A Diverse Student Body and Welcoming Culture

Our mission is “to teach young children respect, tolerance, and compassion to all life on Earth”. As a result our school attracts children from a wide variety of nationalities, religious preferences, abilities, and personality types.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Curriculum

We use a Montessori curriculum that introduces areas of study—such as mathematics, sciences, language arts, and ancient history—in preschool and revisits these topics with increasing complexity as students grow.

Individualized Learning Pace

Our education experience is tailored to each student, allowing them to progress as they master new skills, move ahead when they are ready, and develop independent thinking skills.

Small Class Sizes

We encourage parents to visit our classrooms in action and enjoy the beauty of  small size classes and one-on-one teaching.

Long-Term Teacher Relationships

Children stay with their main teachers for three years—allowing the teacher to learn each child’s learning style and maximize progress. Additionally, specialty teachers come into the classroom regularly to teach specific subjects.

Multi-Age Classrooms

Our classrooms span three age levels, providing constant opportunities for peer mentoring and leadership.

Hands-On, Active Learning

Our students don’t spend their day sitting at a desk. In fact, they don’t have desks. Instead, students are encouraged to explore shelves of “manipulative” learning materials throughout the day. These materials—like blocks, chains, and cards—help students learn concepts by doing.

Quality Athletic and Fine Arts Programs

Our sports and fine arts activities complement and integrate with our curriculum, helping students develop healthy self-images and well-rounded views of the world.

A Longer-Than-Average Academic Year

Our students have a longer academic year than most schools as well as inspiring optional summer programming, keeping learning constant and consistent throughout the year.

Impressive Academic Results

We’ve been turning out academic all-stars for 30 years. Our most recent SAT scores place us in the top 8% of the nation.

“The child-centered approach of the Montessori tradition makes our son excited to work far beyond the average for his grade level. Equally valuable are the interpersonal skills he’s gained in the past six years. When he was a preschooler, he was mentored by the older students. Now as a 5th grader, he’s grown into a wonderful mentor himself. The Ramalynn curriculum is so much more than just academics.”

– Emily Eaton and John Golden

OUR school community

At Ramalynn, we go beyond the classroom with our strong sense of community and family. We follow the whole child learning approach, making sure each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged in school as well as in their home and community.

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Primary Summer


Ramalynn Academy offers a a full summer program through the summer months of June, July, and August. It is open to Pre-K through 8th Grade students, and includes art, academic, and athletic enrichment camps.

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