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Ramalynn Academy's Bloomington Montessori Elementary program consists of two sections with the concept of combined age classrooms. 

Montessori Elementary Core Values

Children at this age emerge from the absorbent, spongelike mind to the dawn of reasoning. They move away from dependence to independence with a strong desire to work in groups. They are happiest when working with their peers, collaborating, and exploring their natural leadership.

This period of development is marked by a strong willingness and desire to acquire knowledge. They feel work is fun, new, and interesting if it is being presented in various ways. As Montessori teachers, we understand and capitalize on this to keep students motivated. We work with a child centered approach to meet each child where they are at, academically and emotionally. We build on this using their interests and strengths while offering various cross-curricular activities to strengthen and reinforce weaknesses.

Our boys each attended Ramalynn for 12 years. We had no intention of keeping our boys in a Montessori environment after pre-school. That changed when we experienced the effectiveness of this school. Our boys thrived in this environment, both as students and human beings. They made friends and mentors that they still have relationships with 6 years later. If you are looking for at Bloomington Elementary Schools, look no further.
— Marnie Anderson, Ramalynn Parent

Cross Curriculum Study

Everything is interrelated. One lesson leads to many others. Our Montessori classrooms are intentionally prepared environments to allow the joy of self-discovery, self-correcting, and a sparking of curiosity.

Montessori Teacher As Guide

Our lessons more than meet standards, but go far beyond to offer a broader view of the world. We aim to help each student understand their place in the world, and how important choices are now and in the future. Our goal as teachers is to guide them, rather than to lead or decide for them. We understand and cater to each personality type and learning style with an individualized learning path.

Individualized Learning

This independent based learning allows for every child to learn at their own rate, and allows for students to influence, motivate, and inspire one another. The goal is to educate and develop the whole child; develop strong work habits, an excellent education, and fully support personal development and how they relate to others.

Ramalynn Montessori Academy Elementary Students asking Spanish teacher a question

Elementary I

Ages 6-9

Our Elementary I classrooms consist of students in 1st - 3rd grade. See below for more information regarding our Elementary I Montessori curriculum.

Elementary II

Ages 9-11

The Elementary II classrooms consist of students in 4th & 5th grade. See below for more information regarding our Elementary II curriculum.

Mr. Krishna

Mr. Krishna

Director of Ramalynn Academy, EII & MS Head Teacher, Athletic Director