Ramalynn Academy offers students several opportunities for theater involvement each year. From classroom skits to all-school productions, students take part in various forms of musical and theatrical drama. 

The Nutcracker

Our largest collaboration, is our bi-annual production of “The Nutcracker”. This all school performance captures the joy of the holiday season, and gives every student an opportunity to perform! Closely representing the traditional tale of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, our founder Lynn Ramalingam adds her own spins and twists to make it uniquely Ramalynn.

Ramalynn Montessori Academy Theatre
Ramalynn Montessori Academy Theatre

Students are giddy with excitement each time The Nutcracker comes around, as everyone looks forward to putting on a grand musical performance. It is such a joy to experience the wonder of the season through our children as they dance and sing their way through an all-school, fully staged event. As always, it is one of the most anticipated occasions at RMA, and an unforgettable experience for all. 

Ramalynn Montessori Middle School Students Performing in Spring Play

Elementary II & Middle School Drama

Students in our upper programs, in relation to their language arts curriculum, often perform in various dramas such as Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” or “Tales of the Trojan War”.

These performances give them the opportunity to better internalize the pieces they are studying. It also offers them a creative, expressive way to learn.

Middle School Students participating in Ramalynn school play: The Song of Hiawatha