MN Montessori Schools

Music Program

Ramalynn Academy provides a wide array of opportunities in both instrumental and vocal arts. 

Our music faculty, Ms. Jacquie Johnston, teaches general music and choir to all of our students in Pre-K through 8th grade. She works to instill a love and passion for music into students of all ages. 

Ramalynn Montessori Academy Students at the Spring Concert in Bloomington Minnesota for Music Class

All students participate in weekly music classes, starting with introductory music in preschool and kindergarten. Older students take part in the Ramalynn Academy chorus. They are also given the opportunity to participate in Ramalynn Academy's Suzuki Violin Program. Private piano lessons for are available with Ms. Jacquie through the school.

Primary Music

Primary students have 30-minute music classes two days each week. Through singing and movement students find their singing voices, feel beat and rhythm, discover musical concepts of dynamics, tempo, melody and form.

Elementary I Music

 EI students have two 30-minute music classes each week.  Students build on concepts begun in Primary, applying actual musical terms (forte-piano, allegro-andante, etc).  Students begin reading simple rhythms using quarter notes and rests, eighth notes, triplets and half notes. They also read simple melodic patterns. Ostinati and rounds are part of their singing experiences.

Elementary II & Middle School Music

EII and MS students have two 30-minute classes each week.  More advanced rhythm and melodic reading skills are introduced.  Students sing round, partner songs and begin to do 2 and 3-part singing.  Music theory knowledge continues (whole steps-half steps, scale construction, etc.).  Students gain more knowledge of musical styles, musical periods and many composers.


Instrumental Music

Ramalynn Academy offers an extra-curricular Suzuki Violin Program for students of all ages. Students receive two 15mn Suzuki violin lessons each week and one 30mn group lesson. Ms. Jacquie also offers private piano lessons to students.