Suzuki Violin

We are thrilled to be welcoming seasoned Suzuki violin instructors, husband and wife Tony Moussa and Carrie Beisler. Carrie and Tony founded and co-direct the American Lebanese Suzuki Talent Education Program, as well as maintain a private Suzuki violin and viola studio through their program Evergreen String Academy. They are active performers and have each received their Masters of Music in Violin Performance, with an emphasis in Suzuki Pedagogy. Learn more about Tony and Carrie.

The Ramalynn Suzuki Program is an extracurricular, weekly program that will occur during your child's school day. It is open to all RMA students beginning at age 3. Throughout each week, all Suzuki violin students will receive either one 30 minute or two 15 minute private violin lessons, and one 30 minute group lesson. 


In private lessons students learn through one on one time with the teacher. Private lessons are where students learn and grow musically, working on personal technique and development.  Depending on the age of the student, parents often attend these lessons and take notes for the student so they are involved and can help with the practice at home. For young students of 3 to 6 years old, the parent is an integral part of the lesson as well as practice at home. As the students grow and reach pre-teen or teenage years, often they can take more responsibility in their home practice. 


Group classes are a wonderful part of the Suzuki method that help develop additional skills necessary for both musicians and life! It is an absolute joy as a music student to get to play music with your peers. Groups classes are the perfect opportunity to do that, while also accomplishing some very important goals such as:

  • Building Confidence in Known Skills
  • Reviewing Skills Taught in Private Lessons
  • Exposure to Techniques Not Yet Studied
  • Introducing Skills That Can Only Be Practiced in a Group
  • Motivation, Social Development, and Experience
  • Fostering a Sense of Community Between Students
  • Learning Group and Ensemble Skills
  • Allowing Students to Take Chances in a Safe Environment
  • Allowing Students to Discover Greater Creativity
  • Developing Flexibility
  • Allowing for Artistic Decisions to be Made as a Group and for Solo Playing
  • Learn Social Skills and Responses to Various Approaches
  • Opportunity to Perform Skills in Front of an Informal Audience
  • Teaching Students to be Polite Members of an Audience
  • Students Learn the Importance of Consistency and Responsibility in Being Part of a Team
  • It is a place for students to experience the JOY of playing and making music together!

Concerts & Events

Our Suzuki students will have the opportunity to perform in both group and individual recitals, as well as take opportunities to share their music as a group in the community.

Suzuki Violin Program Fees

This program is subsidized by Ramalynn Academy in order to make Suzuki Violin more accessible to all of it's students. That means, Ramalynn Academy will be absorbing a portion of the program cost to keep it approachable for all of our families. Because of this, it is only available to students enrolled for the current school year. The tuition for this program will be billed on a semester basis. Please contact our office at to learn more about registering your RMA student for Suzuki Violin.