Visual Arts

At Ramalynn Academy, expressing yourself creatively through the arts is considered an integral part of student education, development, and their overall personal satisfaction. All students receive instruction in visual arts, beginning from preschool through 8th grade, and are given the opportunity to practice and explore visual arts weekly. 

Students become skilled in interpreting art in contemporary affairs, cultures, and history as a result of their explorations of media and concepts. They are challenged and encouraged to provide their own analysis as they examine famous artworks and apply these insights to their own creations.

As students progress through our curriculum, their understanding and proficiency in the foundations of art are examined through in-class discussions, exercises, and projects appropriate for each grade level. 

Our students graduate with an appreciation and proficiency in visual art that follows them into all facets of life. Their creativity and confidence is nurtured from their first craft in Primary and continues throughout their time at Ramalynn.


Ms. Diana

Ms. Diana

Elementary I Head Teacher, Elementary & Middle School Art Teacher