Fall Sports

Flag Football

The Ramalynn Flag Football League kicks off the athletic program’s calendar each year. It offers children an outlet to play football like the pros in a league that mimics what they see on television during a fall Sunday afternoon, without the head injuries that have become common place in pro, college and youth tackle football leagues.

Players are divided into the thirty-two NFL teams, and continue to play out the exact NFL schedule from Week 1 to Week 17. It takes the entire month of September and the first week of October to complete the 17 regular season dates. During the course of the regular season, statistics are kept for each individual player so they can feel like a pro and compare their stats to their favorite NFL players. The season culminates with a 12-team playoff and wraps up in early November with Ramalynn’s annual Super Bowl. This coming fall, Fall 2023, will be Ramalynn’s 33rd annual Super Bowl game. 

A Ramalynn Football Game is played with NFL rules with eleven players on the field. The youngest students play on the offensive and defensive lines. As they gain experience the kids are moved to the positions that allow them to handle the ball.

The Ramalynn Football League has gained such notoriety that our football staff has had the honor of meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Two Ramalynn alumni, who started playing football in our program, have reached the NFL!