Summer Athletic Program

There is no better time to be a member of the Ramalynn Sports Program than during a Minnesota summer! Throughout the summer, our athletic program rotates between different sports. 

Ramalynn Montessori Academy Sports Camp Summer Students After Winning the Championship Game

Soccer Program

Worldwide football, known in America as soccer, takes center stage in June as we recreate whichever major tournament is occurring, whether it’s the FIFA World Cup, European Cup or Gold Cup. The world soccer calendar dictates what tournament is played.

Our athletes are divided into teams that represent each country participating in the real tournament, and our games are played in the same order until a champion is crowned.

Our students enjoy watching the real tournament unfold, and in turn playing their own version afterwards. Replicas of each tournament's actual trophy are on hand to be hoisted by the champions. We keep statistics throughout our parallel competition, to help our students experience the games like a pro! 

The Ramalynn Soccer League is proud to have had one of its members ascend to playing in Major League Soccer and the highest honor of playing for the United States Men’s National team! 

Ramalynn Montessori Academy Middle School Student Golfing at Fort Snelling Golf Course

Golf Program

During the summer, our students also experience the lifetime sport of golf! Our students play their own version of the Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open and PGA Championship at various golf courses around the metro area. Ramalynn students have been lucky enough to play their PGA Championship at Hazeltine National in Chaska where the actual PGA Championship has been played twice!

When students aren’t playing rounds, they are receiving instruction from local golf pros at the Hyland Greens Practice Facility in small groups. This instruction is crucial to promote learning the game and it's etiquette the correct way. Each Ramalynn golfer is given a handicap that allows them to compete with the most seasoned of golfers in the program.

Basketball Program

During Ramalynn's Summer Athletic Program, our students will recreate the NBA playoffs! Students compete in a 3 on 3 league, playing on a customized court with 8' hoops. These hoops, with free throw lines and three point lines, encourage rather than discourage our young upcoming stars.

Ramalynn is proud to have had one its athletes crowned Mr Basketball of Minnesota, lead the University of Wisconsin to the Elite Eight, and play professionally in the NBA as well as in Europe!

Recreational Swimming

A Ramalynn summer is full of sports, but it wouldn’t be complete without the fun of ending a day at the Ramalynn Pool!

Lounging at the pool, doing a cannon ball or even learning basic strokes during an all too short Minnesotan summer is coveted by all kids in the sports program. On days that are too hot for soccer, golf or basketball the private Ramalynn Pool is a welcome change of pace for a BBQ and relaxing day at the pool.

Swimming at the school’s private pool keeps the kids in a fun and safe environment that helps everyone cool off after building up a sweat on the field, court and course!

Live Game Experiences

Our athletes will also catch the Twins in action at Target Field, the Lynx on the court at Target Field and United on the pitch at the brand new Allianz Field. It’s just another part of what makes Ramalynn's summer sports program experience the most unique in Minnesota!

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