Winter Sports


Floor Hockey takes center stage at Ramalynn in November, as students gain experience playing on two different rinks.

Bloomington Armory

At the Bloomington Armory, players are exposed to the traditional five on five hockey game. It includes off-sides, icing, and a traditional hockey set-up with three forwards and two defenseman. Each team consists of three forward lines and five defenseman. The top line houses the older, more experienced players and the third line is for our beginners.

Ramalynn Sports Room

The second rink students play on is the Ramalynn Sports Room. In the Sports Room, the games are small-sided, three on three games where ball/puck control is at a premium and goalies are likely to see upwards of 40 shots per game. Getting touches is promoted on both rinks, but really comes to fruition on the small rink. Players are divided into four lines with three on each line. The most experienced players are on the first two lines and the beginners and younger players are on the third and fourth lines.

NHL Game Schedule

Throughout the winter season, players are divided into the 31 NHL teams and play a 41 game regular season that is patterned after the NHL schedule. The regular season ends in February, which is when our players begin the Ramalynn Stanley Cup Playoffs! It begins with 16 teams that are eliminated or advanced through four rounds in a best of seven series. The Ramalynn Stanley Cup Finals are played in mid-February with the winning team taking the replica Stanley Cup, complete with each member of the winning team’s name engraved on the Cup.

In addition to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the kids are also divided into mini-teams that play in three tournaments in the Sports Room: 

The Mini World Championships

In late November, Ramalynn's eight mini teams are assigned hockey playing countries and are divided into two groups for round robin play. The playoff seedings are assigned based on the place each team finished in during round robin play. The playoffs are a quarterfinal, semifinal and championship format.

The Holiday Classic

This tournament is played right before winter break in December and is comprised of the same teams that played in the Mini World Championships. The three-day event is played with a quarterfinal, semifinal and championship game as well.

The State Tournament

The Ramalynn State Tournament is patterned after the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament. The eight mini teams are assigned the names of the eight schools that have qualified for the real tournament. They then play out the three day schedule in the exact order and format of the state tournament. This tournament generates our players' interest in following the real Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament on television and emulating what they see on the Ramalynn Sports Room Floor. By Friday night, a state champion is crowned which creates memories for a lifetime! 

Ramalynn has had twelve alumni go on to play in the real State Hockey Tournament. One alumnus has been crowned Mr. Hockey in the State of Minnesota, and three who have continued on to play in the NHL.