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The Ramalynn Academy Alumni Blog, where former students share their experiences and memories from their time at Ramalynn Academy. Discover stories of extracurricular activities, student life, beloved school traditions, and favorite memories. Hear how a Ramalynn education prepared alumni for success in high school and college, fostering a sense of exploration and self-discovery. Join us as we connect with our alumni community and celebrate the impact of Ramalynn Academy in shaping lifelong learners. Hear Morgann Mitchell's experience below!

1. How long were you at Ramalynn for? 

I started RMA in 1st grade and graduated in 6th grade. 

2. Did you participate in any extracurricular activities at RMA? If so, what were your favorite moments?

I loved Sports Camp and being in the Nutcracker! 

3. What was student life like at RMA?

It was a community. The teachers were more like family and there weren't many students, so we played and fought like siblings/cousins. Ms. Lynn taught us so many life lessons about being good people and contributing to the world around us, and that has always stuck with me. 

4. What school tradition were you most excited about each year?

Hockey playoffs were my favorite because we had teams and played in full series. Mr. Krishna went above and beyond to give us real sports experiences with stats, trophies, and team pictures. His sharing his passion is one of the reasons I still love sports and made a career out of it.

5. What were some of your favorite memories of your time at RMA? 

 A lot of my favorite memories were the little things like driving to the armory for hockey games, getting papers passed back with everyone having fun nicknames in announcer voices from Mr. Krishna, and just feeling like my school was so special because our teachers made us feel that way. 

6. What did you do after you graduated from Ramalynn?

I graduated high school with honors, won a state championship for volleyball, and also played varsity basketball and ran track! In college, I graduated with honors and played volleyball as well. 

7. What do you think of your education compared to your friends who went to other schools? 

My parents cared a lot about my education, so it was always a priority. The difference was my friends weren't all given the base of confidence in elementary school, which was important in showing me I was smart and capable of problem-solving. 

8. If you could describe your RMA experience in two sentences, what would it be?

A home away from home. It is the base for my favorite parts of myself.

9. What are you up to these days? 

I work in sports marketing and have won 2 Sports Emmy's as a former producer for NBA on TNT!

10. What are your future aspirations and goals in life?

To help people, specifically young women/girls build their confidence and sense of self through sports. I love coaching as a hobby and passing along the lessons I learned early in life from Mr. Krishna and my other wonderful teachers.

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