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Making School Budgets Whole and Equitable During and After COVID-19
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One of the many challenges that schools across the country are facing in 2020 is the issue of balancing the school budget. The impact of COVID-19 has caused a ripple effect in both public as well as private schools, with the need for strategic decisions to make school budgets whole and equitable.

A change to many schools is the lack of funding caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Summer programs, donations, and even the use of school fundraising programs for special events and activities were impacted in the spring and again in the fall semester. Schools using these funds for various activities and events have to make difficult decisions and balance the budget to meet basic needs.

Additional Budget Considerations

Not only has COVID-19 negatively impacted fundraising opportunities for schools, it has also increased expenses. Schools must ensure safety for students and teachers, which means implementing all state-wide and federal Department of Health and CDC guidelines.

Sanitizing surfaces, preparing remote learning packages in the event of a positive test for a student or faculty member, as well as additional requirements for added protection for students through social distancing has strained school budgets. Increasing staffing to enable smaller class sizes has been an additional added cost.

Administrators and school leadership carefully consider the budget and balance the need to protect students and staff with the need to provide quality education. Through compliance with all regulations and an understanding of what is needed to provide the best level of education for students, it is possible to equitably distribute available funds across grade levels throughout the school without the need to sacrifice any child's educational experience.

Ramalynn Academy is actively monitoring developments regarding COVID-19 in our region. It is a rapidly evolving situation. As an independent school, Ramalynn Academy is not bound by this plan, but we have utilized this research and data to inform our decision while creating our 2020-2021 Learning Plans for Primary, Elementary I, Elementary II, and Middle School. See below for details of these plans.

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