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Materials Are Not The Method
Lynn Ramalingam, Founder of Ramalynn Academy

Parents often want to know where they can find Montessori materials and how they can apply them. Montessori materials are one integral part, but they alone are not the method. The materials are tools that expand the principles of the method.

There is a “control of error” (a Montessori term) incorporated into the design of each material. The material is self-correcting. If the child makes an error, they realize it right away and they can make adjustments. Control of error leads children to become independent self-learners.

Montessori Teachers

Montessori teachers are specifically trained to incorporate each material into what we call the Montessori method. Montessori teachers spend years of classroom study, classroom internships, along with working with children under the guidance of master Montessori teachers to become qualified to provide lessons with the materials. In case you didn’t know, the majority of our Ramalynn staff have earned their Masters in Education in addition Montessori certification.

It is the coming together of methodology along with the materials that is behind the genius of the Montessori method.

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