Student Spotlight with Ashwin Prekumar: A Young Ramalynn Academy Entrepreneur
Ramalynn Montessori Academy

Student Spotlight with Ashwin Prekumar: A Young Ramalynn Academy Entrepreneur

At Ramalynn Montessori Academy, we take pride in nurturing young minds to develop the confidence, knowledge, and skills to embark on ambitious projects from a young age. One such remarkable student is Ashwin Prekumar, an inspiring 8th grader who has been a part of the Ramalynn family since preschool.

Early Start and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ashwin, now 14 years old, represents the entrepreneurial spirit that we strive to instill in all our students. His journey into the world of business began early, and he has already achieved remarkable success with his innovative drop-shipping venture.

Innovative Business Model

Ashwin's business model is based on affiliate marketing, where he collaborates with companies around the world to offer them advertisements. He creates websites to feature these products, earning a share of the profits from each sale.

Not stopping there, Ashwin also engages in drop-shopping, where he imports products from other countries and sells them on his website. This approach showcases his keen understanding of market dynamics and his ability to identify profitable opportunities. Ashwin's passion for marketing is evident, and he plans to pursue this field further in high school and beyond. He has learned valuable lessons about avoiding financial traps and making smart business decisions.

Learning from Ramalynn

These skills were learned through his classes at Ramalynn Montessori Academy, particularly the "Growing Money" course he began in fourth grade. This class, along with the guidance of his Ramalynn teachers, has been instrumental in shaping his innovation drive.

Credit to Ramalynn Education

Ashwin attributes much of his success to the comprehensive education he has received at Ramalynn. Our school's supportive environment and innovative curriculum have equipped him with the tools he needs to excel. From preschool through 8th grade, Ramalynn has been a cornerstone in Ashwin's development, fostering his love for learning and his drive to succeed.

Looking Ahead

We are incredibly proud of Ashwin and his achievements. His story is a testament to the power of a Ramalynn education and the boundless potential of our students. We look forward to seeing Ashwin continue to grow with his spirit and determination in high school and beyond!

At Ramalynn Montessori Academy, we believe in the extraordinary capabilities of our students. Ashwin's journey is just one example of how our unique approach to education cultivates future leaders who are ready to take on the world!

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