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The Secret to Happiness
Elementary I Students

This week, our Elementary I students were asked by founder, Ms. Lynn to write what they think the secrets of happiness are. During this time of COVID, some common themes are being together, being healthy, and caring for others. 

Take a peek below to see how our Ramalynn students feel about happiness.

"The secret of happiness is that happiness isn’t a thing, it’s a decision; you have to decide to be happy. Happiness comes from inside you not outside you."

Stella, Grade 3

"There are three things that people can do to be happy. The first thing is to have friends. Friends are important because you are not alone. The second thing is to be healthy. It is important to be healthy because then you won’t get sick. The last thing is to be kind. Kindness makes people feel good because you’re helping others. These are the secrets to being happy."

Aariz, Grade 2

"The secret of happiness is love, health, gratefulness. You have a choice to be a happy person. Happiness is a secret. Everybody has a different secret to happiness."

Yashika, Grade 2

“What do you think the secret of being happy is? Flowers make me happy. Bees make me happy. Blue dragon flies also make me happy. When I enjoy the little things, that makes me happy.”

Avery, Grade 1

"Do what you like. Stay healthy. Do not get hurt. Do not give up. Be happy."

Henrik, Grade 1

“Happiness is the purpose in life.

A warm and cozy space
Going outside
Appreciating nature

And taking care of yourself are all things that help us be happy. And the secret of happiness isn’t a secret. These are things we all do every day. Feeling good on the inside is what makes you deeply happy. And when your happy people around feel happy. Have you ever noticed that it’s harder to make a grumpy happy than a happy person grumpy?”

Niklas, Grade 3

Secret of Happiness

1.     Being calm and doing yoga every morning

2.     Being happy and putting no greed, anger, revenge in our day

3.     Meditating and counting to 10 when you’re angry

Mehar, Grade 1

“Having good influence, compassion, and kindness. Be kind to everyone, stop bullying, learn teamwork, and talk respectfully. It may not be fun but it will make you a good person. Also, don’t fight, just tell someone what you want calmly.

Also, have compassion and be kind to the critters and humans. It is good. Also be helpful and don’t be unhappy. Your choice to be happy. Also, see the good things in someone.

Being content, compassionate, and calm is the most important to be happy and peaceful, and peace makes happiness.”

Nandani, Grade 2

“The secret of being happy is to make others happy. If you make others happy, they will make you happy and always be kind to others. If you do those things, you will unlock the secret of happiness.”

Shanley, Grade 3

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