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Grades 1-8 Summer Registration

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Waiver & Release

Guardian Permission / Release Agreement: Summer staff takes pictures, slides and videos of children enjoying the activities for use at open house events, in scrap- books and RMA marketing materials. I grant permission to use the name, pictures and quotes of my child for the above purposes.​
Waiver: I understand that participation in this activity or program is completely voluntary and that the activity or program being offered is for the benefit of the participant. Ramalynn Montessori Academy (RMA) shall not be liable for any claims, injuries, or damages, of whatever nature, incurred by the participant which are directly or indirectly attributable to the negligence, whether passive or active, of RMA, their agents or employees, arising out of, or in connection with, the activity or program. On behalf of myself and the participant, I expressly release and discharge RMA, their agents or employees from any such claims, injuries, or damages. I also understand this waiver includes any injuries that may result from the condition of the facilities used in the activity or program.

Data Privacy: The data supplied on this form will be used to enroll you in our summer program. Some requested data is private. It is available to you and RMA staff who need this information to perform their duties, but it is not available to the public. You are not legally required to provide this data, but RMA staff may not be able to complete your registration.

I understand and agree to the tuition payment plan and the school policies as explained above.

Summer Registration Fee

After your registration has been submitted and received, Ramalynn Academy will invoice you for the $30 per student registration fee. This fee must be received in order to complete your registration and secure your placement in the 2021 Summer Program. If you do not receive your invoice within 3 business days, please email the office at office@ramalynn.org.
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