Charlie & Jackie Kirihara

Jackie and Charlie Kirihara attended Ramalynn Academy from preschool through eighth grade. They both got their starts in sports while at Ramalynn where they learned how to play flag football, floor hockey, soccer and baseball. After graduating they went on to attend public high schools; Jackie was in the class of 2010 at Lakeville North and Charlie was in the class of 2011 at Bloomington Jefferson. They both played soccer at their respective high schools and Jackie also played ice hockey.

Upon graduating from Lakeville North in 2010 Jackie enrolled at St. Olaf College, where she obtained bachelor’s degrees in biology and art history, in addition to completing the pre-medical track and holding leadership positions in the Pre-Medical Club and Cancer Connection. Charlie studied graphic design at the University of Minnesota where he earned a bachelor’s degree and later went on to attend the Pensole Footwear Design Academy in Portland, Oregon.

After her time at St. Olaf, Jackie was an assistant teacher at Ramalynn in a primary classroom. Upon getting married in July 2015, Jackie and Charlie moved out to Portland to pursue higher education and careers. Jackie graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine and earned her doctorate in naturopathic medicine. Charlie landed his dream job at adidas and has been working as a color and materials designer for football cleats since September 2015. Jackie opened her primary care medical practice in February of 2020 and is continuing her training to become a midwife. They love living in the city and spending time with their french bulldog, Louis, and are currently expecting their first child.



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