Checking In with Alumnus Olivia Pierce '16

We had a chance to catch up with Ramalynn Alumnus Olivia Pierce. Hear more about her experience at Ramalynn and what she's up to now!

Tell us about you! What are you up to these days? 

"I am currently a first-year at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where I plan to major in African-American Studies and minor in Music. In terms of career aspirations I intend to become a pediatric nurse practitioner." 

What were your favorite classes at Ramalynn? 

"Language Arts was my favorite class at Ramalynn. I remember handwriting poems outside on the front lawn for an assignment, which I loved because it allowed me to creatively connect with the world around me. That assignment in particular contributed greatly to the development of my songwriting process as a musician." 

What was student life like at Ramalynn? 

"Student life at Ramalynn was really fun because the small class sizes allowed me to really get to know the other people in my classes—I still talk to some of my friends from Ramalynn today. Additionally, I was able to build close connections with my teachers. I really felt like I could trust them and turn to them for advice and support." 

What is your favorite memory of your time at Ramalynn? 

"My favorite memory was probably the energy and excitement in the air as we prepared for the Nutcracker every year. The roles stayed largely the same from one performance to the next, but watching new people perform each year made it feel like I was watching each scene for the first time. My love for theater and the performing arts was definitely inspired by The Nutcracker." 

Which school tradition or event were you most excited for each year? 

"Looking around this fall made me realize how much I loved looking forward to the Halloween Party. I remember how close I felt to the kids around me when we would all come together around the platform to watch Ghostbusters and eat Domino's pizza before going outside to the field for Capture the Flag."

Check out Olivia's new music video, X-Ray on YouTube!

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