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Ramalynn Academy's Plans for Diversity & Social Justice

Ramalynn's mission statement has always been to teach children respect, tolerance and compassion to all life on earth. Krishna, myself, and all of our teachers and staff feel very strongly about this. We strive each day to embrace our amazing school-wide diversity and to celebrate it. We strive to protect even the smallest of creatures in our midst. The spider we find in the hallway is always carefully set free outside where it can live and breathe. Shouldn't that same compassion and respect be given to every race, every gender, every person on earth? 

We must show our children, not only through our words, but our actions how we can take this mission and make it a reality in our world. Though it can be difficult to talk about racism, violence and social injustice it is important to do so. 

As we take the time to pause and reflect on how our school community can address issues of inequality and further the cause for social justice, we at Ramalynn are committed to implementing the following as we prepare to enter the next school year...

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The Secret to Happiness

This week, our Elementary I students were asked by founder, Ms. Lynn to write what they think the secrets of happiness are. During this time of COVID, some common themes are being together, being healthy, and caring for others. 

Take a peek below to see how our Ramalynn students feel about happiness.

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